Tour Ethiopia - Ethiopian wolf

Adventurous photo tour to Ethiopia - In search of the Ethiopian Wolf

An Ethiopian wolf on the Sanetti Plateau posing like a sentinel watching its territory

The star of this tour!

Visiting Ethiopia and photographing the Ethiopian wolf was a dream come true. A journey to the roof of Africa, in search of the rarest and most endangered canine in the world; the Ethiopian wolf. After my visit in 2016, I kept thinking of returning and showing this amazing species and National Park to other nature and photography enthusiasts.

In 2018 this journey began to take shape through collaboration with award-winning photographer Mike Muizebelt. Mike is passionate about Africa and regularly organizes tours to this vast continent. He has a lot of expertise in tutoring people during both his workshops and tours. Together we will help you create a beautiful portfolio of this trip.

In collaboration with the travel specialist for Ethiopia, Yared Tour & Travel, we have compiled the following unique trip for you. Yared is a daughter of responsible travel tour operator Fair2.Travel.