Tour Ethiopia - Ethiopian wolf

Expedition Ethiopia

It is early in the morning on the high Sanetti plateau in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia. A light ground frost has strengthened the already largely white vegetation that covers the spectacularly beautiful Afro-alpine heath. The landscape is interrupted by rocky peaks and the long, charismatic flowering Giant Lobelias.

Suddenly there is movement. A red-brown colored Ethiopian Wolf appears from behind an edge and climbs on one of the rocks. He turns and cries, and is shortly thereafter accompanied by three others. The wolves greet each other and then trot past us, going their separate ways. As they disappear into the rising sun, a noisy party of Blue-winged Geese flies up and a Steppe eagle, a winter visitor from Central Asia, glides towards us, looking for the omnipresent grass rats that are already warming themselves in the sun's rays after the long, cold night. We are at 4100 meters altitude, this is 'The Roof of Africa', a truly unique place for the nature photographer!

This adventurous journey coincides with the period that the Ethiopian wolves look after the young in their den and is held at the end of January - beginning of February 2021. Together with a small group of a maximum of 6 participants, we look for the rarest and endangered canine in the world: the endemic Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis). From half-deserts to cloud forests, from primitive camping to luxury lodges: in this journey of contrasts, we will gain a lot of impressions. Read on for the full program.

Did that branch move? A chameleon (Chamaeleo sp.) close to Dinsho Lodge