Tour Ethiopia - Ethiopian wolf

Unique nature

Nature in Ethiopia is one of many contrasts. Via the Great Rift Valley, we travel to the highlands of Bale Mountains National Park. Bale Mountains National Park covers approximately 2150 square kilometers and is located approximately 400 km southeast of Addis Ababa. Here we search, among other things, for photogenic chameleons and the mountain nyalas present there. On the high plains around 4100 meters such as the Web Valley and Sanetti Plateau, we see a unique Afromontane ecosystem with herbs and lichen vegetation, red hot poker and up to six meters high giant lobelia, rodents such as the giant mole and the beautiful top-predator: the Ethiopian wolf. This canine is only found in Ethiopia and the largest population (± 450 individuals) can be found in the Bale Mountains.

Then we descend to the Harenna Forest, a cloud forest that, in addition to beautiful vegetation, also houses countless species of birds such as the white-cheeked turaco and silvery-cheeked hornbill and mammals such as the Bale Mountains vervet and the giant forest boar. There are even lions, leopards and hyenas and maybe still wild dogs. But mind you, an observation of one of the latter species would be very special!

The best way to experience this area well is by setting up mobile campsites. This makes this trip so unique because we stay as close as possible to the best photo spots and we minimize travel times. There is full support from a camp crew such as cook assistant and the like, but some flexibility is expected. For example, we sleep on mattresses in our sleeping bags and it can cool down considerably in the evening. After our overnight stay in the field, we fully recover with a two-night stay in the exclusive Bale Mountain lodge.