About me


I grew up in Voorschoten, the Netherlands and spend most of my youth exploring the local patches of nature. My upbringing brought me into close contact with nature and lead to an ongoing interest in the natural world. My fascination with nature drove my parents to despair at first - I briefly had a collection of dead mice... - but took on more constructive forms later on. I quickly developed a passion for nature conservation, eventually doing traineeships with WWF in both Hungary and the Netherlands.

After completing a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Biology, I work as a conservation consultant for Dunea doing cool projects like setting up interactive visitor centre De Tapuit and establishing a brand new National Park. I am very fortunate to be working in my chosen profession, but having a desk job means the only wildlife I see during the day is my computer mouse :) To make up for this fact I thoroughly enjoy photography, besides being an avid traveller and scuba diver. Hence, what started out as a hobby evolved over time into a professional freelance career in photography.