Monthly pic October 2011

A meerkat (Suricata suricatta) digging away. Canon 50D, Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM, 1/500, f/8, iso 320, handheld.
Ok, so like last month I am sticking with mammals for the pic of the month. In this case a very cute and adorable meerkat (Suricata suricatta). So cute in fact your still drooling and mumbling baby words to them right up to the point where they bite your finger off. Luckily, either no drooling or biting occurred during the making of this photograph. More importantly, no photographers where injured either.

Yes, folks... some of you might be disappointed right now. Not about me having all my limbs in one piece, but about me showing a pic of a meerkat, after I travelled all the way to South Africa, been cage diving with 12 white sharks (up to 4 meter mind you), had angry elephant bulls charge our nice volkswagen rental car and vervet monkeys stealing our freshly bought fruits. All great experiences (not so much according to my wife). One of the highlights of this trip however was sitting 3 meters away from a meerkat burrow while the sun was rising, and we where waiting for this furry family to wake up and go through their morning rituals. You want to know where and how I experienced this? Read the story on my news page...

To add to the general African thema that is currently occupying my website, hereby some interesting footage I made as well. WARNING, CONTAINS GRAPHIC MATERIAL! Do not watch this if you just ate or if you are about to eat. :)

Early morning in Kruger NP we discovered the carcass of a zebra, with only the head and some spare ribs remaining. While we where waiting in our car some 30 vultures - mainly the white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus), some white-headed vultures (Trigonoceps occipitalis) and two lappet-faced vultures (Torgos tracheliotos) - discovered it and started ripping away at it. In a matter of mere minutes the remaining meat was gone. It’s one thing to see this on Animal Planet, its even more impressive (and slightly gross) when seeing it life in action. Especially after having enjoyed breakfast half an hour before... Anyway, we where lucky to witness this and capture some of the action on camera.

This was filmed using the Panasonic Lumix TZ10.

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