Monthly pic December 2011

Onzalige Bossen, Veluwezoom, the Netherlands. Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, 1/30, f/5, iso 400, handheld.
This photo was taken at the start of autumn, when the trees where not yet stripped off their leaves. I really love going for a stroll in the forest covered parts of the Veluwezoom, with it's gentle slopes and ancient looking trees. It is the oldest national park of the Netherlands, established in 1930. When I visited this part of the Netherlands during my childhood I always imagined to walk in the mountains. And with the park it's highest point at 110 metres above sea level that makes for an impressing Dutch feat ;) My wife Violeta - having lived for years between the Romanian Carpathian mountains - was less impressed. Even so, we still enjoy walking here from time to time in the early hours of the day.

Winter is coming, but not as fast (or cold) as in previous years. This monthly pic is the last of 2011. Endings like that (as well as leaves falling to the forest floor) makes one look back and ponder life in a dramatic fashion. In my case it's probably the weather, which makes for a roaring fireplace, a good book and either wine or hot chocolate. The latter items are accounted for, the former would encounter grave objections from the renting company. Either way, 2011 also marked the start of this very website. I have been privileged to experience some wonderful things this year. I enjoyed sharing some of those experiences with you on this website. I'm looking forward to the wonders of 2012 and wish you all a wonderful year. See you next year!

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