Monthly pic June 2012

Two rather badly stuffed piglets in the Beijing Museum of Natural History. Canon PowerShot S100, 1/30, f/2, iso 100, handheld.
I'm back in The Netherlands after travelling for a month around two opposite countries in Eurasia (China in the east and Ireland in the west). I really didn't have time for jetlag :) Photo processing is in full swing so keep posted for two new galleries in my portfolio!

This month's picture of the month was taken in the Beijing Museum of Natural History. I'm a pretty big natural history museum buff, so I take up on the opportunity whenever I have the chance. The museum is located near the Temple of Heaven and has around 8000 square meters of display space. The piglets on the pic where in a section about domesticated animals. Together with some other equal less successful taxidermist specimen they where fun to view anyway. Having a quality all of their own... ;)

Luckily their quality was surpassed by many excellent objects! Especially the mounted skeletons in the dinosaur and ancient mammal hall where impressive, including a huge specimen of the Paraceratherium genus (the largest land mammal ever). The halls about plant and animal diversity where also pretty informative and know a creative and colorful display. Hidden in the cellars of the main hall I encountered an excellent interactive display about the human body. It even contained pretty revealing displays about human sexuality and reproduction. Topics I didn't suspect to encounter in somewhat conservative China. A room about environmental issues and nature conservation was good as well, showing a collection of protected and endangered chinese animals. I especially appreciated this part of the exhibition, knowing China's environmental track record. As a chinese to english translation stated: "Protecting animals begins from me".

I myself was of more interest to the school children visiting the museum however. I can safely state that I appear on quite a number of photos, showing a somewhat awkward specimen of the Dutch people.

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