Monthly pic July 2012

A fawn of a roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) hiding in the grass. Canon Powershot S100, 1/160, f/4, iso 80, handheld.
May and June proved to be months of firsts: my first visit to China, seeing my first puffin in the wild, seeing stag beetles and grass snakes for the first time in The Netherlands (pics coming soon), and...

Last month a wish finally came true. For years already I hoped to see a fawn of a roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). During a stroll I suddenly came upon one, hiding in the tall grass. It stayed absolutely motionless, breathing quite relaxed and looking at me only once in a while. If I didn't spot it by chance I would have walked straight by. The mother was close, only a few meters away and watching me nervously. I quickly made some snapshots and made a hasty retreat.

Roe deers are surprisingly nervous animals and very easy to show a stress response. Even more so when it involves a fawn. I hid myself from view (and wind) a few hundreds meters away and waited to see what would happen. After fifteen minutes or so the fawn and doe started to make short cries 'mi... mi', calling to each other. Shortly after the doe walked to her baby, who started drinking immediately. Pure magic!

If your lucky enough to see a fawn, be sure not to touch it in any way. The mother might reject it otherwise if she doesn't recognize it's scent (having being mixed with yours). For the rest... enjoy the moment of being eye to eye with a highly adorable 'bambi'!

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