Monthly pic August 2012

Harsh light, but beautiful carpathian landscape. Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, 1/160, f/10, iso 100, handheld.
Is there anything more relaxing then going for a stroll with friends through this beautiful landscape? Our hike was hardly worthy of that phrase, since our speed was well below anything you could call sportsmanlike. But it was holiday after all, so we enjoyed the tranquillity of the landscape, the sun and a good picnic.

I didn't have too much time in August for photography, as most of the time was spend on work, our first careful steps on the real estate market, and a family visit to Romania. In the land of the Dacians we not only visited the Carpathian mountain range around Brasov in Transylvania, but also spend some time surviving the near tropical temperatures at the Black Sea side (around 36°C / 96.9°F) near Constanta.

I also tried my first take on wedding photography, as my niece-in-law was getting married. I hardly need to mention that wedding photography is quite a different ball game then wildlife photography, but I managed some nice shots :) Also, it was the first time I was formally dressed during a photography session (and not in camouflage) :)

Finally, we also adopted a dog from Romania and went through all the paperwork to bring it back home. Sammie is the newest addition to our family. He is only 5 months old, but he already shows a lot of potential to be a well behaved and properly trained dog. I have some hope he could carry my tripod and other gear in the future, but time will tell ;)

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