Monthly pic March 2013

A common woodlouse (Oniscus asellus).
People... its official! No, i'm not talking about:
  • war threat #1013 from North Korea to the rest of the world or;
  • the 700.013th killed Syrian, while the rest of the world is merely watching.
No, I'm talking about spring having officially started in the Netherlands, even though most people are grumpy about a) the aforementioned world events; b) the enduring cold weather and lack of vitamine D or c) both. I know what you are thinking... where is he going with all of this? Well, the other day I saw the first little lambs frolicking in the meadow and that surely brought a smile to my face. This yearly occurring event is probably witnessed since 8987BC when the first wild sheep were domesticated in Mesopotamia (including the north of present-day Syria). This random little piece of info leads to two contradicting facts of life:
  • sadly, nothing ever truly changes;
  • a new season usually brings change, so lighten up.
Amen ;) The coming of spring also means the first migratory birds are arriving from their warmer winter retreats. Usually their arrival coincides with the first peak of little crawlies getting active, meaning lots of protein for themselves and their offspring to be. This month's pic shows a common woodlouse, one of the largest and most common species of woodlouse in Europe. It's not an insect in fact, but a crustacean. Birds like the Common Blackbird (Turdus merula) love them and are constantly looking for them in the undergrowth. Try to take a macro lens into your backyard or a nearby park for a blackbirds perspective and you discover a whole new micro world out there.

PS I promise a less complicated story arch in next month's monthly pic ;)

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