Monthly pic July 2013

A blind fox (Vulpes vulpes). Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, 1/60, f/5, iso 250, handheld.
I am pretty good at approaching foxes (Vulpes vulpes) undetected. That's no boast, just a simple fact. However, this young fox seemed way to easy to approach... it didn't react at all at me sneaking around, even when I was imitating distress calls from rabbits. Having approached it within five meters (16 feet) I noticed the silver eye shine in both eyes. The poor thing was blind! I guess that was the most useless 100 meter military crawl ever... oh well ;)

The young fox was out exploring together with a sibling (which did ran away as soon as he got a sight of me) and looked in quite remarkable condition. Young foxes are still taken care of by their mum until the end of the summer, so he/she will be on it's own in a few weeks. It's survival rate is pretty slim unfortunately, but who knows... maybe he perfects a begging act and rabbits take pity on him. It was quite the freak encounter and very interesting to observe a young wild fox from up-close.

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