Monthly pic August 2013

Two mating tiger beetles (Cicindela maritima). Canon 50D, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro, 1/250, f/4, iso 100, handheld.
It was an uncharacteristic summer in The Netherlands these past weeks, as in... it was actually summer! With rising temperatures & sweating bodies, most social conventions were soon forgotten... like with these frolicking beetles in the dunes, right there in the open for everyone to see.

What else did you think I meant? Perverts!

Anyway, this 4 cm - 1.57 inch - tiger beetle (possibly Cicindela maritima or else Cicindela hybrida) looks pretty impressive up-close. Especially it's mandibles are very imposing. In this particular photo you can see that the male is actually using his mandibles to hold on to the female. Most of the time however they use it for catching and dissecting their prey. All tiger beetles are known for their ferocious predatory skills, partly due to these mandibles but also due to their running speed. This species can reach around 100 meter per hour, but other species can even speed up to 8,7 km per hour! Hence, it's often difficult to approach this active species and make a detailed macro shot. Luckily for me, their priorities where elsewhere for the moment.

This photo was taken during my latest photo assignment, that lasted 2,5 months. I can't tell you anything else about it except that my photographs will decorate the inside of a five story office building! I will reveal all later this year :D

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