Monthly pic June 2014

'The final frontier'. Canon 5D MKIII, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro, 1/125, f/5, iso 100, handheld, edited.
WARNING! This months pic goes on and on about the photo thoughts that don't make me sleep at night. Readers should proceed with caution.

Still here? Ok then, here it goes. This picture of the month is different then what I usually post there and was taken during a small gig. It's always fun to try out new ideas (without getting too artsy fartsy mind you), but it got me thinking. I have been traveling extensively the last half year. Although I'm quite happy with the photographs I came back with, they do - as always - taste like more. Beyond that nagging feeling - that drives every passionate photographer - I increasingly also feel the need to go beyond individual and often unrelated shots.

The last months I was either on the move (hiking, driving or sailing) while actively looking for good subjects or doing hide-based photography. The former kind of wildlife photography is almost like travel photography: when a photo-opportunity presents itself you either take it or you don't. The latter gives you often very good opportunities, but is restrained by the location, background, behavior of your subject or the gear you can deploy. While both methods can yield loads of valuable and attractive photographs (either diverse in subjects or diverse in the behavior of just one), they don't always form a coherent story.

So that is what got me musing really. Beautiful images inspire and can make an impact, but stories about current events with a clear call to action can make an even bigger splash. Obviously, in order to present your audience with a more in-depth storyline you have to invest time. Time to get to know your subject(s), time to use different gear, to photograph different aspects and time to find new angles. Time is also the limited factor here, since I'm balancing my photo aspirations with family life, work, social events etc :) How to play around with photojournalism and conservation photography in particular? I have some ideas, but I would like to know what my readers thoughts are on this matter!? Feel free to send me an email or continue this discussion on Facebook.

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