Monthly pic August 2014

A slow worm (Anguis fragilis) in the Ardennes. Canon 5D MKIII, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM, 1/30, f/4, iso 250, handheld.
What many people perceive as a snake is in fact a limbless lizard that has lost its legs during the course of its evolution. You can easily distinguish them from snakes, because they actually have eyelids and snakes do not. Hmm, for some people that probably means being too close for comfort to this species ;)

It's fun to photograph wildlife with a wide-angle lens instead a regular macro or telephoto lens. It often brings a fresh perspective to your photos and also connects your subject with its habitat. An added bonus is having more light to work with.

Slow worms don't move too fast (hence the english name), so it hunts 'slower' prey like snails and slugs. Hence, I would love to find one in my garden, but in the Netherlands they are mostly restricted to the eastern parts of the country. That same garden is also the reason I could spend relative little time on photography lately. I was busy constructing raised garden beds and selecting plants suitable for a (bumble)bee friendly garden. Anyway, the fruits of my labor will mostly be harvested next year: let's see what biodiversity I attracted!

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