Monthly pic October 2014

Misty forests, eerie sounds. Canon 5D MKIII, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM, 1/320, f/3.2, iso 1000, handheld.
For a while now I have an interest in field recording: audio recording of wildlife and ambient sounds in the field. Soundscapes are an important part of being outdoor (or anywhere for that matter), at least as equally important as the visual experience. I started to think about combining photographs with audio: adding another dimension and more depth to a photo. I know there is something called video ;) but I like the power of still images. Adding audio really immerses your audience into the experience the photographer recorded or tries to present.

It turned out other people got the same idea, like acclaimed photographer John Stanmeyer. Properly inspired and after reading tons of reviews I got myself a handheld audio recorder (Sony PCM M10).

What better way to gain some experience during the rutting season of the red deer (Cervus elaphus) at the extensive forests east in my country. Getting up at 3:40 proved totally worth the experience, with a great view of starry skies thrown in as a bonus. Sitting in the middle of a dark forest with my brothers in arms and listening to the sounds of the forest changing along with the sunrise. While tawny owls rule supreme in the dark, forest passerines start to take over during the early rays of light. We got great calls of at least two stags, farther away then we hoped, but still a great experience.

I also already learned some things along the way: a) put enough distance between my grumbling stomach and the recorder and b) throw away 80% of your recordings due to the sound of passing airplanes overhead. Anyway, I'm still learning the basics so have patience with me: you might need to crank up the volume... ;)

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