Monthly pic February 2015

30 seconds of silence! Canon 5D MKIII, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM, 30, f/4, iso 200, tripod.
Yesterday evening I tried my hand at light painting: using a flashlight to selectively illuminate certain areas while taking a long exposure photograph. In this case while photographing dune landscapes. Very fun to do and – while it takes some trial and error – it can give wonderful scenic results. The clear skies made sure it was pitch-black… expect for two little points of light just a few meters away. Turns out a curious fox (Vulpes vulpes) was observing what the @#$ I was doing. :)

This was also my first field test with the Sirui UltraLight T-005X tripod (with C10X ball head). I bought this lightweight and compact tripod specifically for landscape photography (folded up it measures 30 cm / 11.8 inch). Despite its modest dimensions it can handle up to 4kg (8.8 pounds), enough to support my Canon 5D mark III with battery grip and 17-40mm attached. Sure… as my lovely wife pointed out I already have a great tripod, but for hiking it’s great to invest in some lightweight options. For sure I don’t want to carry my 4,4 kg tripod on top of all my other gear for an upcoming assignment in the Alps!

Pitch-black conditions also enabled me a great view of the stars, not an easy feat in this heavily urbanized part of the Netherlands (=light pollution). Light-monkeyed out I eventually shot some silhouettes against a starry night sky. When I finally arrived back at my car, my backpack was completely covered in frost. Brrrr… onwards to a warm home!

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