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Can you sustainably farm stingrays and other marine life on land? Yes, BlueLinked can!

For the past three years, I have been following the innovative start-up BlueLinked with my camera. Michaël Laterveer and his team work in Hazerswoude village – far from the sea – on breeding marine life. Both for sustainable food production and the rewilding of the oceans. To do so they have developed an innovative setup: TinyOcean. These mini-seas (6,000 liters of seawater each) never need to be refreshed and house both algae and animal plankton for the fish, shells, or mollusks that are farmed.

In recent years I have been able to provide various photo shoots for BlueLinked: from releasing tagged stingrays in collaboration with, among others, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the North Sea Foundation and Ark Nature Development, documenting the major renovation of their breeding center, capturing innovative projects such as their reef tiles for reef restoration, to making environmental portraits of their enthusiastic team. Super fun to do and I’m already looking forward to their next projects!

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