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Dunea headquarters

Dunea recently opened it’s sustainably renovated new headquarters located in Zoetermeer. It features 10.000 m2 of office space, five stories and… 64 photographs made by me.

Dunea produces and distributes drinking water for some 1.3 million people in the west of the Netherlands. It also manages three Natura 2000 nature reserves (Meijendel, Solleveld & parts of Berkheide): coastal sand dunes which are a vital part of the company its water production. These dunes are also renowned for their natural values, hence they welcome over 1.2 million recreational visitors each year.

I was asked by ZENBER INTERIEUR ARCHITECTUUR (together with OIII and Graziosi Progetti) to translate the unique identity of Dunea into photographs for their new headquarters. For this assignment, I took my camera not only on land but also underwater and to the skies to capture the spirit of dunes & water. I usually focus on wildlife photography, but it was very fun to try my hand on portraits, studio shoots, action photography, industrial photography and – in collaboration with BirdMedia – even on aerial photography.

It’s really awesome to see my work displayed on such a large scale. Albeit very fun to do, this assignment was also a personal challenge as in combining the logistics of many hours of photography with my full-time job, our 2 months old daughter and renovating our new house. Hence, many thanks to Violeta for her support! While using some existing material I mainly made new photographs. I presented my clients with over 173 photographs of which 64 photo’s where eventually chosen. I have been sitting on these photographs for over half a year, so it’s great to be able to finally share my personal favorites with you.

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