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Photo campaign & interior office design

This year and in 2015 Dunea commissioned several images during three separate assignments, one of which is still ongoing. I previously did assignments for them, including all photography for their renovated and refurnished headquarters. Building on that relation I was very happy to be able to provide them with more material.

I provided two photographs for Dunea their campaign ‘De duinen zorgen voor ons water, wij zorgen voor de duinen’. Cleverly designed by T2 Ontwerp this campaign pointed out both the importance of the dunes and the role of Dunea as manager of these wonderful nature reserves. These posters were widely circulated throughout their service area: from train stations, bus stops to shopping malls.

I was commissioned to deliver a specific wide-angle shot of a Galloway: standing in the dunes with a clear blue sky as the background. Not difficult you would say… It turned out that either the Galloway cattle were nowhere to be found or blue skies were suspiciously absent. Luckily after several attempts, everything came together. I used a flash with a softbox in this particular photo to be able to show the rich color variation and texture of their curly coat.

Interior office design
Following their renovated HQ I was once again asked to provide all photography for their location in Scheveningen. This time it consisted of the renovation and refurnished of two buildings: Dunea their press center and a new 1500 m2 working environment within an existing building. This assignment was undertaken once again in cooperation with interior design studio Zenber and signing company McArt.

For this assignment, I actually rented a pilot and Cessna 172 to do aerial photography above Dunea their dune areas and production locations. It was very fun to see areas I know so well from above, especially when your fond of heights like me. Pilot: “Do you want me to completely remove the door? We’ll use an extra seatbelt for you.” No, I think I’m good…

For their press center, I made a high-resolution aerial landscape shot of the sea, beach, dunes, production location and the skyline of The Hague. This shot was specially printed on a 4,6 by 5,3 m large canvas (15 by 17.4 ft) and displayed next to the staircase. This photo gives visitors a unique perspective on their location and the world Dunea operates in.

For the office space, I combined older material with new photographs. Because it is a former industrial building you get an interesting contrast between the older parts and new additions. My photographs are printed on a special foil and displayed on glass elements. One section displays an entire series of photographs, spanning 30 m (98.4 ft) in which I show the journey of a droplet of water from Dunea it’s a water source to the end consumer. The following images are a selection of my personal favorites. Enjoy!

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