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Photo United workshops

What could possibly be more fun than photography? Exactly: photography workshops! It’s fantastic to develop beautiful workshops and to be able to share my passion with others!

At the beginning of this year, I was invited by Mike Muizebelt to become a mentor on the photo platform Photo United. I carefully choose the angle of my workshops. After all, I share the platform with photographers, each with their own unique content. The platform adds only value if we complement each other: so I determined my niche and gradually came up with corresponding concepts.

In July the moment was there and I held my first photo workshop with an enthusiastic group of participants: getting started with storytelling at a historic dairy farm in Holland. How do you tell a story with your photos and how do you prepare for a photo shoot on location? Fantastic to be doing this! I have already given hundreds of excursions, but photo workshops obviously go one step further with their hands-on approach. Something that really appeals to me!

My second photo workshop followed in September: wandering with a flock of sheep across the Veluwe. During this workshop, we got to work on landscape, macro, and portrait photography. Again a wonderful morning and enthusiastic reactions! In the development of photo workshops, entrepreneurship, creativity, and hospitality all come together. After the first edition, I immediately see opportunities to further develop my workshops and make them even better. Because that coffee break that you had thought of is better done a little later, and at that and that time a plenary moment would fit even more.

In short: great experience and I am proud to have developed my own photo workshops. There are plenty of ideas for the future, so keep an eye on what’s on offer and join me next time!

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