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I take on interesting commissions. Assignments can range from half-day photoshoots to long-term projects. Clients range from NGO’s, government agencies to the creative industry and the tourism sector.

Previous assignments include documenting wilderness in Kalkalpen National Park (Austria) for the European Wilderness Society, documenting conservation work in Maputo Special Reserve (Mozambique) for the Peace Parks Foundation and providing the photography and artwork for musicians like Aron Raams.

Aerial photography above Meijendel and the Hague for Dunea.


I’m available for photoshoots for both businesses and individuals. I love the creative process of developing a concept for one or multiple photographs, scouting locations, and then executing the shots we had in mind! Be warned though: I especially prefer environmental portraits at outside locations 🙂

  • Businesses / NGO’s / Governments: I can create images to express your corporate identity, help with branding, or a specific campaign.
  • Creative industry: I love developing concepts that suit your single, album, or performance!  I can also do the entire design for your posters, artwork or material for your social channels.
  • Individuals: its great fun to make informal (family) portraits that are completely out of the box and capture the real you!

Image requests & licensing

My photographs are regularly licensed for editorial and commercial use. If you are interested in a photo on my website or from my archives request a quote.

I am also available to write articles and columns for print and online media to accompany my photographs.

Fine art prints

Most photos on my website are available as fine art prints. Please contact me if you are interested in one of my images. Also great as a gift!

Prints are usually printed on special archival paper. The lifespan of these prints is around 40 years in daylight and 80 years in the dark. I ship prints both within Europe as internationally. Alternatively, I can also print photographs on canvas, plexiglass or other materials. My biggest print to date measured 5,3 by 4,6 meters!

Public speaker

I am available for keynotes and presentations. I love showing my photographs and to engage my audience with my stories. Indoors or outdoors! Topics could include:

  • Bale Mountain National Park, Ethiopia
  • Dutch dunes
  • How to prepare wildlife trips
  • General wildlife photography

Previous presentations include CameraNu and Leiden University.

On excursion for a feature in WWF magazine. Photo credit: Twan Teunissen.
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