Sharing my passion for nature!

I love exploring our beautiful planet and to share my passion for nature with others. Because of these reasons, I started to develop my own tours and workshops. To date, I have visited almost 50 countries and am well traveled on five continents. I also enjoy helping people develop their photography and field skills. Explaining and telling stories is second nature, having both been a university lecturer as well as having giving countless excursions. Hence, you are in good hands!

Photo Tours

My tours mainly focus on endangered wildlife and habitats. This way we can generate extra awareness and by employing local people we often contribute to conservation. I enjoy traveling off the beaten track and to explore relatively unknown destinations. My tours are about more than just ticking off a shot list. Travel should be very much an experience in itself: it is about adventure, maximize your senses and to make new memories along the way.

Quality is key. My tours always consist of small groups and dedicated knowledgable local guides. We try to keep travel distances as short as possible: to really immerse ourselves in the landscape and for the best possible experience. If a tour includes physical challenges or adventurous camping this will be clearly stated in advance. All meals and accommodation are included.

My tours welcome both photographers and nature lovers. Photographers of all levels are welcome and there is plenty of time for individual tutoring. We will explore different photography techniques and subjects: from macro and wide-angle to tele, from insects and larger wildlife to landscapes.

Enjoying some well deserved downtime in Ethiopia.

Why travel with me?

  • I’m both a photographer AND a biologist, working in conservation. Hence, I will help you to improve your photography, but I will also tell you more about what you are looking at, give you more background and suggest interesting photo stories;
  • My tours are a unique mix of adventure and photographic opportunities;
  • The tours only cater to a limited number of participants to match the wilderness experience and for me to be able to give everyone equal attention;
  • Better to explore 1 place very well, then 5 places just a little. The pace of travel is slow and we stay at least 2 days in one location;
  • I only work with licensed tour operators and local guides with dedicated knowledge of the area;
  • I visited all locations prior to the tour and have experience in the country and nature reserve myself;
  • We mainly focus on locations that are off the beaten track;
  • Light is key with photography, hence we will be very active around Sunrise and Sunset;
  • My tours are as complete as possible and will include all accommodation and meals;
  • There are no hidden costs for my tours. Items that are not included are always clearly mentioned in advance.

Photo Workshops

You don’t have to travel to exotic locations to create stunning photographs. Nature and wildlife are often just around the corner. Even in a densely populated country like the Netherlands. And where to better hone your skills as a photographer then close to home?

For wildlife photography, you need knowledge and experience on:

  • nature: ranging from field skills to knowing your subjects
  • creativity and composition
  • technique: on both your equipment and photography itself

As a biologist and photographer, I am qualified to teach you more on all three and during my workshops, we will work closely on this ‘triangle’.

I’m a mentor on photography platform Photo United. More group workshops are currently in development. Workshops at Photo United usually consist of small groups of max 8 participants and are open to photographers of all levels. There is plenty of time for individual tutoring. The mentors of Photo United have given almost 1000 workshops to over 9500 people.

For my own private 1-on-1 workshops we zoom in even more with a tailor-made program.

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