Struinen door de duinen, herfsteditie

Video still courtesy of Erik Kooyman, Omroep West
Dunea - my employer - commissioned a wonderful nature tv-series by regional TV station Omroep West. Film maker Erik Kooyman directs and films two episodes in every season of 2013. So far they filmed beautiful landscapes, shy creatures and interesting interviews with a whole range of people (including some of my colleagues) passionate about the dunes.

I separate between my work for Dunea and Picturing Wildlife, but sometimes the two come together. This 2nd episode of the autumn edition includes an interview with me on behalf of Dunea about life aquatic, but also showcases some underwater footage I did previously for Picturing Wildlife. I really recommend the entire series, so sit back, relax, forget about the rainy weather outside and go explore from the comfort of your chair.

PS yes, my critical viewers... the voice-over did switch the names of the two newts shown on screen. Just to check whether you were paying attention ;)