Assignment: pannenkoekenboerderij Meijendel

Of mice & leaves

I was commissioned last year by Dunea to make photographs for in the newly renovated pancake restaurant in Meijendel. My photo's are printed on the big upper windows at the front and back of the building. These photo’s are the biggest digital files I prepared so far: over 9 meters wide!

The catering entrepreneurs had a clear vision of photographs featuring an 'indian summer', hence I worked with a studio setup, having collected lots of different leaves in Meijendel during autumn. My photographs function as modern day stained glass windows, though personally I would have preferred a less transparent print. The different colors provide the interior of this traditional Dutch family oriented restaurant with ever changing colored light and shade, but also add a lot of warmth.

The photo in the front of the building show some chestnut leaves (Aesculus hippocastanum), making a link to the old and new chestnut trees that surround the building and are a reminder of times when the next door historic farm was still in use. All restaurants have a clear dislike (not to mentioned hatred) of mice, but in this case – being situated in the middle of a nature reserve – some little tongue in cheek was appreciated. Hint: look in the upper right corner of the windows when you are standing in front of the building.

The restaurant opened again in April of this year, so go check it out whenever you find yourself in Meijendel!