Travel with me

Why travel with me?

  • I'm both a photographer AND a biologist, working in conservation. Hence, I not only help you to improve your photography, but I will also tell you more about what you are looking at, give you more background and suggest interesting photo stories.
  • My tours are an unique mix of adventure and photographic opportunities.
  • The tours only cater to a few participants to match the wilderness experience and for me to be able to give everyone equal attention.
  • Better explore 1 place very well for a few days, then 5 places just a little. The pace of travel is slow and we stay at least 2 days in one location.
  • I only work with licensed tour operators and guides with dedicated knowledge of the area.
  • I visited all locations prior to the tour and have experience in the country and nature reserve myself.
  • We mainly focus on locations that are off the beaten track.
  • Light is key with photography, hence we will be very active around Sunrise and Sunset.
  • There are no hidden costs for my tours. Items that are not included are always clearly mentioned in advance.