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I was asked by Leiden University College The Hague to put together an exhibition on local wildlife. LUC is an international honors college of Leiden University situated conveniently next to The Hague Central Station and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together with my friend and fellow photographer Krijn Trimbos we put together an exhibition that enables LUC it’s students and staff to explore local wildlife. In 15 photographs we showcase different species that occur in and around The Hague. Some species are known while others might be more of a mystery. And… how far do you actually need to go in order to see them? QR-codes on accompanying plates lead the viewer to our websites which offer additional information on both the species and the photograph.

Prior to opening the exhibition on the 28th of October, I gave a well-visited lecture on my photography work in Meijendel, talking about what makes this area so special and what are some of the treats to its amazing biodiversity. I hope our photographs and my lecture showed that you don’t have to travel to exotic places in order to see wildlife. All in all, it was fun to be able to share my work and I like to thank all the attendees for their interest and questions! The LUC exhibition ‘Wildlife just around the corner’ will be hosted for three months.

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